It all began in Bucharest, Romania—a country just emerging from communism, with two parents looking for a new life and a little adventure. By six, I found myself in the Big Apple; and have since lived in Maryland, New York (twice), New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Iowa. Presently, I'm beaching it in Virginia Beach, with my hubster, Parker, and our fur-babies, who will most-definitely make occasional cameos!

I first met “Parky” freshman year at Cornell College—and began dating him within weeks. Our team thinking has been multi-tiered: Parker launched an e-commerce company from his college dorm room, and I found myself nestled between boxes of bubble wrap and electronic gadgets, whenever I visited him. Shortly, I was managing customer service inquiries and ensuring shipments were heading out on time. Beyond business, we used date nights to go door-knocking in 2012—and consistently engage in political discussion and debate together! Now, together in law school, Parker and I have been through it all, and I could not be more thankful for all the experiences—I have been blessed with the best life-partner!

This blog has been long in the making. I have adored fashion and make-up ever since my toddler years: I would walk around the living room in my mother’s stilettos, or sit and watch my mom put on her makeup in the mornings (only to excitedly dig my hands into her makeup drawers once she left). Often, I have used style to express myself. Admittedly, growing up, I went through a variety of awkward style phases—many of which were, honestly, not that great. Some points included the high-school Abercrombie and Fitch stage (haven’t we all been through this?!) and the awkward side bangs, jeans, and Uggs (I will never give up my Uggs, though!) phase. In this way, I have seen myself change in clothing, in thinking, and in outlook.

Now, having matured into my “professional with a dash of caj style,” I am constantly seeking out inspiration, elegance, and class—whether that be in the form of fashion, make-up, books, quotes, or other women. For me, there is always something new to learn each and every day and my goal is to share what I learn.

And—in the end, if all else fails, remember: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”