Redoing our Living Room

You guys, I've been looking to re-do our living room since before we even moved to Las Vegas. I'm ready to donate our pre-loved furniture onto the next family. We've had our current living room set-up since the first or second year of marriage, and we purchased them second-hand. They have treated us so well and I will be sad to part with our poopy-colored couch (legit most comfortable couch out there), but it's time for a more modern & chic update.

The main reason we want to update our living room is because we want to be able to seat our family and friends. We love to entertain and gather together and having plenty of sitting is absolutely necessary. We have friends coming to visit us in the spring and we are hoping to have Clara's baptism in the summer, so we want to get our living room finalized sooner rather than later.

The sectional we are looking at fits the space perfectly--it not only gives us more seating, but it also doesn't overwhelm or take over the space. One thing I am undecided on is the type of rug we are going to put in the living room. Ultimately, I would like to add some warmth to the space, but do I maintain a neutral-colored space or do I add some color (along with warmth)? Please let me know your thoughts! Do you like the left or the right rug better?

As always, everything you see is linked below!

Kisses, Besos, Pupici!

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  1. I love the right rug best! I feel it blends well with the colors you have and I feel like it won’t throw off any patterns with the 2 pillows you have on the couch either!

  2. Loving the right rug the most! Makes it feel much more cozy and is more of an accent when compared to the left rug.

  3. The right rug will blend better with the colors you have picked for the living room it also looks more simple and minimal

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