Copycat or Creator?

Something I’ve encountered—especially since I’ve started blogging—is an all-too-common temptation to copy and compare oneself to a specific community. For example, in the fashion blogosphere, there are certain pieces that all bloggers seem to have—items that are promoted, and promoted, and promoted—even if not explicitly. They’re on one Instagram profile, and another, and another, and another. They become unspoken staples. But are these items really the “must haves” they’re touted to be, or just the latest, universal fad? It’s hard to tell, due to so many saying they’re “obsessed” with them.  Do these trends really exist because we ALL like these certain items; or are we just copying each other?

I’ve fallen into this trap several times—thinking that I can draw more attention or a greater following, by following the trends that others are creating. Yet, the reason I started my blog is because I have always loved fashion and beauty and wanted to share my unique experience, enthusiasm, and fashion finds with others. There are reasons I loved fashion, long before I decided to blog. And I’d never wish to lose my original spark, due to chasing other fads.

Gucci belts aren’t the only centerpiece staples. Quay sunglasses aren’t the only shades. But they each might seem that way, especially if influencers are throwing away their originality and copying one another. 

Remember in middle school, when you wanted something because a friend had it? We’re human beings, and are often tempted by what’s popular. And that’s not always because of better quality, durability, beauty, etc. It’s often because we want to be part of something that’s desirable, deserving of praise and admiration. And time doesn’t change this urge to be loved, to love, and be worthy of love. Sometimes, we’re fooled into thinking that love can be gained by what we wear. And what I’ve found is that real love never comes that way. Love that begins superficially, often ends the same way. The things we have cannot, ultimately, give us the life or love we desire.

Avoid consuming others’ ideas as a replacement for a lack of ideas. We all have unique ideas and ways by which we can encourage new trends; however, the ease of copying is often the path that seems more sure. Instead of setting the tone, we decide to follow whatever seems “hot” at the moment. That works, until nearly no one is setting the tone. It’s an easier option; it’s comfortable; it’s lower “risk.” The cumulative cost, however, is that the community is less a gathering of individuals and more a collection of commonplace, mundane ideas.

Comparison chips at our own being, little by little. We are created each unique and different in our own ways, and though it’s easier said than done, we need to learn to embrace what actually makes us unique. There is A LOT of temptation and push from society to try to push us all together and to conform to standard, but we have to learn to be comfortable standing apart. So, because I have been guilty of this, I am going to work hard to maintain my own uniqueness and creativity.

Are you genuinely influencing others, because you believe in what you’re promoting—or are you taking the shortcut of the world around you?

I hope you enjoyed this week's introspective analysis and social critique. 😉 See you on Friday for Fashion Fridays! Also, have you seen today's YouTube video on how I clean my brushes in 2 minutes? Check it out! 

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