Hospital Bag Checklist: What I Packed

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Here is my much-requested hospital bag checklist and what I decided to pack after speaking to other moms and scouring the internet for ideas! I've arranged the major items by category and then included an actual checklist that you can download and print out for your convenience (see bottom of post). Generally, I would say I'm an over-packer; however, I also want to be prepared--while the hospital is pretty close to our home, I don't want Parker having to leave to come bring things, if I can avoid it. It is important to point out that hospitals have all the necessities; however, this will be my first time doing this and I am still hoping for a natural birth, so I want to be as comfy as possible! You'll also notice that Parker co-wrote a portion of the post (Daddy). If you want the ACTUAL list of what he packed, please see the checklist below. 


Mama's Clothing

I am bringing my own hospital gown (I wanted a soft material and one that would smell like home and my detergent, rather than the generic hospital gowns they offer). Hospitals are not the most inviting places, so the more I can personalize my room/experience, the better! I am also bringing two sets of breastfeeding PJs--one set (pink) is for pictures and comes with a robe and swaddle blanket for Clara and the other is a black nightgown that I purchased from Target--so soft and perfect if things are messy, since it is a darker color. I also packed a pair of flip flops for showering and water therapy during labor (since I am planning on doing all-natural, water therapy is supposed to help with back pains) and a pair of cozy slippers to walk around the hospital room in. I also packed my warm and cozy cardigan (I know hospitals room are chilly) and my own memory-foam pillow and blanket for an extra layer of home comfort. Lastly, I packed my going home outfit (which I wanted to be comfy, but picture-worthy) and opted for a loose, summer dress. There were a lot of people recommending yoga pants and a top for going home, but considering that I'll be wearing postpartum underwear and pads for recovery, that just sounds disastrous (all that would be obvious wearing tight leggings). 


Mama's Toiletries

Moisture, moisture, moisture! That's what I went for when I packed my toiletries--hospitals have really dry air and I want to make sure I'm not a crusty crab during my hospital stay! So, among the basics, I also packed plenty of lotion and moisturizing face & lip masks to keep me hydrated the entire hospital stay. I also packed some saline spray to keep my nose hydrated since we aren't allowed to have a diffuser in the room. Other items I packed are the Frida Mom postpartum items and the Always Discreet underwear (adult diapers)--I know the hospital will have all these things, but I've heard (from so many sources!) that the hospital mesh underwear aren't very good. If I don't end up using the Frida Mom items, I will just have more for my recovery at home.



For Clara, I posted an entire highlight detailing what I packed and why--head on over to my Instagram to catch it! In short, I packed 3 onesies, two footed PJs, her going home outfit, her newborn pics outfit (which includes a gown, headband, and swaddle blanket, along with her name sign), a couple blankets, two pacis, the baby shusher, and Nook breastfeeding pillow.



I am planning on breastfeeding Baby Clara and know it's going to be an adventure, so I want to make sure I have all the tools I will be using with me--this will ensure the lactation consultant and midwife will be able to advise me best, using the pump and tools I have. For breastfeeding, I packed two nursing bras, my Elvie pump, nursing pads, two kinds of nursing balm (linked here and here), and my Nook nursing pillow


Daddy (Written by Daddy Parker)

While I am super excited about Baby Clara's entry into the world, alone (and honestly would only have the clothes on my back, if not for Maria), I know that my hospital packing would not be complete without some simple, essential items: cameras, yellow pad, books, pens, and, of course, the basics (pants, underwear, tooth brush/paste, etc.). So without further ado, let's cover the most exciting selections! 

So "What's in your bag?," You ask? Well...


Canon 5D Mark IV - Great for High-Res Shots

Canon 1DX Mark II - Great for 4K Filmmaking

Books (I often read multiple back to back)

The Investments of Warren Buffett: Twenty Cases, by Yefei Lu

Security Analysis, 6th Edition, by Graham/Dodd

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living, by Ryan Holiday

Audiobooks (Just a few selections)

The Expectant Father, by Brott/Ash

The Ascent of Money, by Niall Ferguson

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, by Alice Schroeder

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, by Philip Fisher

Pens (My very favorite!)

PILOT G2 1.0MM Bold Retractable Pens

Chess Board (Enough said...)

And yes, I agree that I may be taking too many extracurricular items. But I would be a poor Eagle Scout, if not including everything to Be *FULLY* Prepared! That said, I think the bases are covered. We have prepped for a Hollywood set, steeped in solid business discussions, backdropped by sound investment choices, armed with world-changing ink devices, and entertained by the world's greatest game. What more could Mama Maria want in an ideal birthing environment? And yes, we also plan to have juggling balls -- because Clara deserves to know what she's in for!

OKAY, I get it...The above, completely honest overview doesn't cut it...

Well, the more-essential list goes something like this:

1. Few pairs of socks

2. Few pairs of shorts and longer pants (just in case the A/C is chilly)

3. A couple Polo shirts

4.. Toiletries (brush, paste, floss, etc.)

5. And, quite importantly, a color-coordinated outfit for post-delivery pictures!

6. Also, a laptop, phone, charge cables, battery pack, etc.

7. Wallet with ID

8. Plenty of snacks (I lean toward trail mix in bulk)



Is it too excessive to bring three cameras? I purchased a Polaroid camera so that I could easily take pics of Clara to add to her baby book during her different milestones (honestly, I am so bad about printing out our photos--we still haven't printed out our wedding photos for our album...5 years later). Parker is also bringing two cameras for hospital photos and videos--I, mean, he is a professional photog! Obviously, we are bringing our phones too, so I guess those count as cameras too...haha! We are also bringing a computer and iPad for "entertainment." And, since we have all these electronics that need charging, we are bringing two portable chargers and an extra-long charge cable. Because hospital lights can be so strident, we are also bringing a night light for changing her in the middle of the night, that way we don't have to turn on the bright hospital lights. Lastly, we are bringing the baby shusher (little miracle worker) and a portable speaker, so we can listen to worship music during labor and put on her baby playlist during the rest of our stay. 


Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 6.57.41 PM

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