MacArthur Center: Our Go-To!


My love for MacArthur Center has been going strong for about four years now, and am so excited to have partnered with them to showcase all the amazing shopping, dining, and entertainment options the Center offers! Parker and I have been shopping at MacArthur Center since we moved to Virginia Beach in 2015... 

It's really about environment and options: MacArthur isn't just a mall, but a blend of community and culture, shopping and dining in between. We don't have to travel far, but still get so many options, and the chance to nestle into Barnes & Noble for a latte, study time, and blog work. ALWAYS our go-to place!

If you haven't been to the Live 360 lounges, you MUST! If you're not familiar with them, the Center has recently created recreational lounges that offer everything from comfy leather chairs for big-screen sports (really, a great get-a-way for the hubbies who want to check in on their favorite team), big event spaces for parties and gatherings, and an interactive game room with everything from ping-pong to life-size spinning tops and a massive, floor-facing projector for multi-player video games (my inner kid came out, for sure!).

At MacArthur Center, every shopping experience is unique and memorable--so many stores you won't find anywhere else in the area, like The Art of Shaving, J.Crew, Brighton Collectibles, Lush and Fink's Jewelers. There are also other shopping staples, like Dillard's and Forever 21, or any of the other 140 stores. Do everything from finding dining for any palate -- with casual, sit-down restaurants and quick eats in the Food Court -- to blinging out an outfit, with so many accessory options!

MacArthur is the place we keep going back. And if you haven't been, make a date of it, and see for yourself!

Catch ya later! Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 

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