Modern & Cozy Living Room Refresh

WOW! This post is a longtime coming! As you can see, things are slightly different from what I was originally thinking on my storyboard. For some reason, I just couldn't go through with a couch purchase without first testing it out. Often times the reviews are so, so mixed about so many different aspects fo the couch, including comfort. So, while the reviews were mainly positive on the Wayfair couch, we felt more comfortable getting a couch we could actually see, test out, and sit in. Thus, we went with an IKEA sectional, which we love because it's on the firmer side, but has softened up over the course of the last month. Our last couch was so soft, it almost felt like it would swallow anyone who sat in it. Our new sectional is really comfy, but not so soft where it feels like you're falling through.

The main draws to the IKEA Kivik sectional were pricing, sizing, and the ability to remove and wash every single cover (seats and backs). We knew we wanted the Orrsta light gray couch, though this particular couch comes in multiple colors (a darker gray, blue, red, charcoal, etc). The attraction of being able to remove all the covers in a multi-pet and baby household is HIGH, let me tell ya. We also plan on having more kiddos, so we know this couch is going to get a lot of wear and love. When we buy a house, this couch will eventually transition into the playroom. However, it is the perfect sizing for the space we currently have in our apartment--and there's plenty of sitting for our friends and family, which was really important for us. We love to entertain and have our loved ones over, and we wanted plenty of seating for everyone. While we wanted to update the space, we knew the couch we got wouldn't be the kind of piece that we would have for years and years--between kiddos and buying a house down the road, we don't know what our future space is going to look like.

Throughout the process, as we were trying to figure out layout and space and what best fits for our family, we kept going back and forth between a coffee table or ottoman. We knew a coffee table would look so better, but ultimately an ottoman is so much safer for Clara. The great part about this ottoman, which is the same style as the couch, is the storage option. The downside is that there is nothing holding the top of the ottoman down, it simply sits on top of the bottom portion, so it moves around quite a bit. We're looking into potentially adding our own velcro strips. I mean the ottoman was $180, so we can't expect the world for that price point.

The 16x20 frames are from IKEA and we got our photos printed through Amazon (they did such a great job, btw). Keep in mind A lot of the other pieces are from Home Goods (throw pillows) and At Home (side table and tray). The lamp is 5 or 6 years old from Costco. We may upgrade the lamp, but I think it looks pretty good in the current space. One other thing I would like to add is some really full pampas grass on the left side, by the door.

As always, everything you see is linked below. If something is old or unable to be linked from the specific retailer, I tried to find similar options.

Sending my love to you guys! Kisses, Besos, Pupici!

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