Our New, Modern Kitchen Stools with Poly & Bark

Our move to Las Vegas was definitely an adventure, especially when you add a newborn and three pets! Over the last five years in VA, we accumulated A LOT of things. Regardless of the difficulty of our move, we were so excited to start our new adventure, as a family of three, in Vegas.

Once we made the decision to move, we knew we were looking for a more modern apartment, with a bigger kitchen, a place where we could gather with friends and family. We searched for several months and had my parents visit multiple locations, and we still kept coming back to this one. We prayed about it, felt like this was the one for us, and decide to go for it. NO REGRETS. We love everything about it--location, layout, etc.

With the kitchen being the centerpiece (literally) of this apartment, we knew we needed the perfect stools to help showcase the space. I wanted something gray, but easy to clean and comfortable. With my friend Hoang-Kim's suggestion, we look at Poly & Bark's stools and fell in love with the simplicity and modern look of the Paxton stools. They're lightweight and comfortable and are easy to wipe clean. They come in a set of two or three and in three different colors--tan, brown, or gray. I love how elevated they look, without breaking the bank. Poly & Bark offers free shipping and returns and awesome customer service!

We've been eyeing their sofas for a while and the living room is the next spot we have to tackle!

Stay tuned for future home posts!

Kisses, Besos, Pupici!


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