My Hair Extensions with AOC Salon

Recently, I had a major hair transformation and I've had so many of you ask what kind of extensions I have, how much they cost, how I take care of them, what shampoo and conditioner I use, where I get my hair done, etc. This post is dedicated to answering all the questions I've received about my hair--from salon to care to everything in between.

Prior to getting these extensions, I researched a ton of Hampton Roads salons and all the different kinds of extensions out there. Previously, I had I-tip extensions and decided to go a different path mainly due to maintenance and comfort. I chose AOC Salon because of the atmosphere, professionalism, and the extra step they take to make sure clients have an amazing experience. I love how trendy everything is and that they are eco-friendly--they have two locations, one in Norfolk and one in Virginia Beach. It's a Davines salon (meaning they use all Davines products), and it was actually my first time being introduced to Davines and now I am hooked--the scents are so unique and fresh and just smell so, so good! Dalbe (owner and head master stylist) did my hair and I absolutely adore her--not only is she a true professional, but she also takes the vision and inspiration and makes it EVEN BETTER! Honestly, everyone at AOC is super great and they pride themselves in the best customer service--this is evident from the moment you step into the salon! 

I've had my extensions for about a month and I now feel confident to answer all the questions I've gotten!  

How often do you go back to move up your extensions?

Every 8 weeks. One of the reasons I love these extensions so much is because I don't have to go in for move-ups too often. Previously, I had to go in every 5-6 weeks and it was too much maintenance for me, personally. 

How much did your extensions cost? 

The kind of extensions I got (including cut, color, and installation) range from $900-$1800 depending on how many packs you get installed and what length you choose to get. I wanted the 22-inch extensions because I wanted a ton of length and volume. Basically, mermaid hair! And, I've loved every single moment of it.

What kind of extensions do you have? 

We chose the Hot Head Hair Extensions because they are low profile and their color choices and style matched what I was looking for. However, AOC offers a couple different brands.

What shampoo & conditioner do you use with your extensions?

I have a few brands of shampoo and conditioner that I alternate--I like changing the scents and sometimes I get tired of using the same thing over and over. Dalbe gave me several Davines products to use and that is what I have been currently using with these new extensions--I alternate between the Davines purple shampoo and conditioner and the Davines Oi shampoo and conditioner. Another purple shampoo I love is this one (literally tones your blonde every single time you use it). For dry shampoo, there is NOTHING better than this one. I don't personally use hair sparybecasue it weighs down my hair, but I do use this texturizer for volume. 

How often do you wash your hair?

Once a week. And even if I don't style my hair immediately after washing it, I always blow dry the roots in order preserve my extensions. The dry shampoo I use is seriously miraculous and holds me over for a week (or more, if necessary LOL). 

What straightener and curling iron do you use?

I use this curler and this straightener. I absolutely swear by these--my hair is shiny, healthy, and the curls stay in place for days.


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