Our Baby Registry

We are at 20 weeks this week and I can't believe we are HALFWAY to meeting our little Clara! We are so excited!! I've talked to a lot of mamas and mamas-to-be about must-have products, products they recommend, and products the couldn't live without. So, in our registry, we've taken those recommendations to heart and also added items we believe we will need. You will notice a lot of organics and a lot of European and American-made products. Chemical-free and safe products are very important to us--there is so much gunk in our world and we want to protect Clara as much as possible from these harmful substances. Our entire registry was created through Amazon. Initially, we had created it through Target, but we were very limited in our selection and a lot of items were often going out-of-stock. So, we switched over to Amazon, where you can literally find anything and everything! You can find our registry HERE! 

Below, I have broken down the items by category.



Health & Baby Care












For Mama


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    1. Than you! There are so many products to choose from, but we tried to educate ourselves as much as possible and feel we’ve done a good job with our product selection!