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eBay has, and always will have, a special please in my heart! The first business Parker created from his dorm room was an eBay business, where he sold second-hand/refurbished iPods (and other gadgets). We ended up building that business into an eBay Top Rated Platinum company, and ended up selling to two dozen countries. 

Now, I am so excited to partner with eBay in a brand new way for a stylish and budget-friendly patio refresh. The patio is one of those places that I never really invested the time and effort into decorating (sadly), but loved spending time in. Mornings with my Bible and a cup of coffee are so peaceful and capping the evenings off with Parker and a glass of wine is the best way to unwind. Now, I enjoy my patio-time so much more and loved that it is our personalized, little oasis. eBay had so many garden options to choose from and all were purchased Buy-It-Now with Free Shipping! Everything was as simple as a specified search (searching "gray plant pot" or "outdoor throw pillow") in the Home & Garden section on eBay's website. I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my office and was so happy with how everything turned out! My little herb garden (with basil, mint, and parsley) is our little rendition of “living off the land.” HAHA! Because we have a very small patio, we knew we needed things that were space-efficient and plants that were “easy,” because Lord knows I do not have a green thumb! So, the plants we got are citronella (to keep mosquitoes at bay), a succulent, and coleus (because of the pretty leaves). We may get a couple more plants depending on how these hold up! I promise, you guys, I will try my hardest to keep these puppies alive (I’ll keep you posted). 

Another thing I discovered was how many name-brand pieces (BRAND NEW) I could find at a much lower price! If y’all don’t already know I LOVE Barefoot Dreams and found so many cozy cardigans and blankets for a fraction of the price! Talk about coziness galore! Also, I purchased my PJs from the cutest PJ store on eBay—they have options for the entire family! 

Let me know what y’all think of our little space—even though it’s little, I think it’s the cutest! 

Catch you guys in my next post! XOXO! Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 

Thank you, eBay, for sponsoring this post! 

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