Pregnancy Favorites + Must-Haves

Happy Friday, lovelies!

I've put together a post, sharing items which have made a HUGE difference for my everyday comfort and alleviating symptoms--I hope these items are able to do the same for you! Pregnancy is a beautiful time and our bodies are so amazing for what they're able to do; they just require a little extra tender care and loving while their working so, so hard! On the eve of Mother's Day, I hope this post is informative and provides some relief and comfort from your pregnancy symptoms!

Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 



Some of my pregnancy symptoms have included lower backaches. To help relives these backaches, I have found that taking baths with these eucalyptus spearmint epsom salts and then having Parker apply Biofreeze to the area have made a huge difference in making the symptoms manageable (or even completely alleviating them)! My chiropractor also uses Biofreeze after my adjustments. Even if this combo doesn't fully get rid of your backache, it will still be so comforting and relaxing for you. 

I also religiously moisturize using this body lotion and organic body oil. My skin feels so supple, soft, and moisturized each and every day. I am especially insistent on applying the oil to my growing belly--so far, I haven't developed any stretch marks. I don't know if the oil or genetics (or some combo of both) are responsible for this, but I can say it has helped with the itchiness and discomfort caused by my skin stretching to accommodate growing Clara. Honest is offering free shipping on any Honest Mama purchase through June 30th, 2020. 



I am a big low-intervention birth advocate and these books helped solidify that decision and also educated me on why that decision was best for both me and my baby. If you're looking for both, books that educate AND empower a mama-to-be, I recommend Ina May's Guild to Childbirth and Hypnobirthing. You'll learn techniques and you will feel so ready to take on this incredibly blessed time for you and your baby! 

The Attachment Parenting book is a great book describing the benefits of attachment parenting. It discusses things like sharing a bed with your baby, when a baby too old for breastfeeding, a father's role in nurturing a newborn, and how attachment parenting fosters a child's later independence. 



My form-fitting maternity dresses have been such a lifesaver--they're easy to throw on, flattering, and so unbelievably comfortable! I've linked my two favorites and both come in several colors to choose from. I wear my Spanx shapewear under my dresses to shape, smooth, and also to help lift my belly. My favorite casual pieces are my Align leggings (my pre-pregnancy size still fits my growing belly) and these oversized tees. They pair really well together (I have both in different colors/patterns) and make for a great casual outfit, perfect for lounging, walks, and running errands.


Heartburn Treatments

Heartburn has been my most lasting pregnancy symptom of them all, with various degrees of severity. One thing that helped calm my raging esophagus has been papaya enzymes. In my opinion, this little miracle in the bottle is so underrated and not talked about it enough. Forget your TUMS bottle, papaya enzymes is were it's at and it provides immediate relief, as well as allowing your body to better absorb the nutrients from your food. When my midwife told me about them, I didn't really believe her, but now I am a full on advocate--they are THE BEST. Next in line is my organic heartburn tea--I love drinking this before bed for a cooling and calming effect at night. 


Body Pillow

I honestly can't say enough great things about my pregnancy pillow! We purchased this at the end of my first trimester/beginning of my second trimester and it has been a lifesaver (Parker sometimes gets a little jealous that I prefer the pillow to him)! 😉 Why do I love this so much? Well, it provides back relief/support by allowing legs to hug pillow. It also provides support and cushion for my growing belly. Also, at the beginning, it was harder for me to get used to sleeping on my sides, because I am such a stomach sleeper, but the pillow helped with the transition. I also love the u-shape because I don't have to move it when I move from one side to the other. Because sleep is a little harder to come by these days, anything that can help maintain sleep and not wake me up is a huge win! 


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