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Happy Valentine's Day, you guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've done the RefineYou program for a couple months! The FAST, ATTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION- FAT Loss Program is a 7-week, customized, unique online nutrition and fitness program to Refine your Mind, Body, and Spirit. The program guides members with safe, highly effective strategies that lead to fat loss and ultimately to a fit and healthy lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely. For the past few months, I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Kim (coach and trainer extraordinaire), the creator of RefineYOU and really wanted to share this opportunity with you.

My main reason for wanting to work with Kim was because I was struggling with maintaining my goal weight--I've yo-yoed throughout my entire life and have never been consistent with my workout habits. I've have had ups and downs ever since I can remember. What RefineYOU has taught me is consistency, moderation, and that I can give and take and still eat the things I absolutely love! I am so excited that I have found a program that is realistic, attainable, and something that can be continued long term. This isn't a fad diet. This is isn't a lose weight fast, restrictive program. This is an overall lifestyle change. 

One of the things I like best about this program is that you will learn to work in the foods you enjoy while getting amazing  results--being healthy does not mean starving yourself or cutting out everything. Rather, it is being strategic with your treats and having them in moderation. You also don't have to spend every day in the gym; you will learn how to work out enough to get results without overdoing it. 

I know this all sounds amazing! So let's talk cost and what you will get for the price. The cost of the RefineYOU program is $199. Below, I have listed all the immediate benefits you will get. Honestly, $199 is nothing when you are talking about your health and your life.  

  • The number one thing is having Kim there to coach and root you on! Did I mention she's a kick ass physician assistant?! SHE truly knows the human body! 
  • Online 7 Week Customized Nutrition/Fitness Plan including 1 prep week  
  • Home and gym version workouts which differ EVERY SINGLE round  
  • Customized workouts to your level (From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone!)
  • Demonstrations with modifications for all exercises  
  • Exercise Library with 450+ exercises (I learned so many cool new exercises!)  
  • Program Guide, Nutrition Guide, and FREE Recipe Book  
  • Access to Refine YOU’s exclusive Macro Guides (SO HELPFUL!) 
  • Member’s Only Website/Portal with additional recipes  
  • Instructional videos  
  • Meal Planning Guidance  
  • Community and Accountability (You'll be doing this with a group to encourage and hold each other accountable!)

Even though I am no longer a part of the problem, I've incorporated everything I have learned from Kim into my life and have seen amazing results--from being stronger and more toned to sleeping better to making better, more conscientious choices, RefineYOU has changed my life! 

So, are you ready to change yours?! Head on over to RefineYOU to sign up!

Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 



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