Springtime in DC

It's always been a bucket list item to make it to DC during Cherry Blossom season and though we were off by just a handful of days, DC was as magnificent as ever and we were able to catch the peak of the Magnolia blossoms, which were quite spectacular! 


We arrived Monday afternoon and immediately stopped by Roti Modern Mediterranean in Tyson's Corner--we were famished and this was the perfect late lunch! It was healthy and fresh and we customized our entrees to include whatever proteins and sides we wanted; Drew and I had the rice plates and Amber and Parker had the salad. They have locations all around DC, so if you're ever looking for quick and healthy, definitely stop by! Following lunch, we stopped by Tyson's Corner Center for pictures, coffee, and to walk off the traffic before we met our friends for dinner at Landsdowne Resort, where we also spent the night. I loved our time here and wish we had more time to see the grounds--the amenities are unbelievable! 





On Tuesday, we woke up before the sun in order to make it to Jefferson Memorial before the traffic and tourists. As much as we tried to avoid traffic, it was inevitable, but Waze did take us through some of the boujiest and prettiest neighborhoods--traffic ain't so bad when you're taking the scenic route! Eventually, we made it to Jefferson Memorial to shoot our Chicwish looks and it was SO COLD & WINDY, but we stuck through it. If you look closely enough, you will see that me legs were starting to change color because of the cold. SO thankful hubby is a photographer extraordinaire and we were able to get it done relatively quickly! 

Red Lace Spring Dress
Red White and Blue


Because we could barely feel our limbs and we were starting to get hangry, we needed warm coffee and sustenance ASAP! For breakfast, we went to Old Ebbitt Grill, which is one of the coolest restaurants in DC, hands down! SO MUCH HISTORY! Old Ebbitt Grill is actually Washington DC's oldest saloon, founded in 1856. According to legend, innkeeper William E. Ebbitt bought a boarding house. Today, no one can pinpoint the house’s exact location, but it was most likely in present-day Chinatown. As a boarding house, the Ebbitt guest list included many Who's Who of American History. Among the guests were President McKinley (who is said to have lived there during his tenure in Congress), Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Warren Harding.

After our yummy breakfast, we split off to explore--Drew an Amber wen to the Holocaust Museum (which you need to purchase tickets to in order to have access to all the exhibits) and Parker and I went to find a coffee shop, but instead stumbled upon the Enid A. Haupt Garden! The magnolia trees were in their prime and we loved strolling thru hand in hand! Following our stroll, we picked up Drew and Amber and headed to JRINK for an afternoon pick-me-up--they have the best juices, bowls, and lattes! Seriously quirky, delicious and so healthy! 


*Top and bottoms are from Lululemon and I don't have LTK links for them!*

After our quick afternoon snack, we made our way to our hotel, The Graham, to check-in and catch the sunset on the rooftop. It is located in the perfect location in Georgetown and has great views of the city. I loved staying at the Graham--we got the amenities of a large hotel, but with the personalized care of a small, local business--if you watch my IG stories, you know what I'm talking about! We capped the night off with drinks and appetizers at 1789--it is one of my fave restaurants in DC; it is so classy and glamorous and the food is an absolute 10! If you visit, you may also encounter some celebrities and politicians who frequent the restaurant. We had Roy Boys for dinner--we stuffed ourselves with fried chicken (Big Bird) and all the southern fixins--the atmosphere is electric and the food melts in your mouth! We didn't want our night to end, but we had a great night cap in our jammies, with prosecco and cupcakes (courtesy of our friends at the Graham)! 





We visit DC a couple times each year and every time, it's a great time! This time was no exception and it was one of my favorite DC trips to date: good food & great friends makes for a phenomenal time! If you want to see the live details of our trip, I've created a highlight of the trip on my IG!

Catch ya later! Kisses, Besos, Pupici!


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  1. Looks like an incredible time and a great adventure. Beautiful presentation, you guys!
    We’re so proud of and excited for you. ♥️🙏😍🌻

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