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You probably found MillennialFashionista because of your love of fashion and style. And, honestly, that’s exactly why I founded my blog—because I believed there was a lack of blogs combining fashion with larger-life concepts (such as purpose, vision, and success). And style is one of these concepts that fashion doesn’t cover. There’s more to style than merely being fashionable. I think “style” means much more than the terms “fashion” and “clothing” encompass—and it’s due to this belief that I keep creating content that encourages other, fashionable ladies who see style as an extension of one’s uniqueness, rather than a following of random trends.

In my personal life, I have found that my style has not only opened doors that may not have otherwise been opened, but that my style was also a conversation-starter for many deep and meaningful relationships I have today. In this way, style expanded my horizons—especially in a social sense. Obviously, my appearance (i.e., my unique style) wasn’t the only reason for new relationships—my personality and work ethic also had to be up to par. But my appearance allowed others to see the effort I put into my first impressions—and encouraged conversations that may not have occurred otherwise.

It’s amazing how little external habits can convey internal realities. Appearance speaks volumes about who we are as people—style is synonymous with personal brand; the more personalized our style, the more attention will be directed toward ours brands and what we convey about ourselves to the world. Putting forth your best encourages respect and inspiration. Throughout my life, the respect I have for myself has attracted people who respect me just as much. Style has helped open doors to opportunities and built bridges to people who support, respect, and nourish the life I love.


I hope MillennialFashionista encourages you to put forth your best—with your unique, personal style! We’re in this together—as millennial women desiring to make a real difference in our lives, family’s lives, and our world. Little things we do, daily, make a difference; and style is something that’s always with us, going before us, and lasting long after we leave. Style is that special something that builds upon our character, and tells others about us, even when we’ve never actually spoken. Let’s make the most of our style to influence the world around us!

I would love to know how your style has opened doors for you! Kisses, Besos, Pupici!


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