The Cyber Monday Kitchen Essentials Gift Guide with eBay

For Cyber Monday this year, I have partnered with eBay to give you a kitchen must-have essentials gift guide! Everything is marked down from the original retail price and I found some amazing deals you are not going to want to miss out on!

Spice up your kitchen this holiday season with some new appliances that are sure to make your life easier!

Cheers to finding stainless steel at at a deal!

 Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 


1. Nespresso D40 Inissia Espresso Maker, Black

49% OFF, making it $79.99!!!

I get so many questions on my Nespresso machine and this one is a newer/better version of my own! This Nespresso machine is going to go fast! Make sure to grab yours today by shopping the link I have saved for you so you don't miss out. "The Nespresso D40 Inissia Espresso Maker features a compact design, lightweight construction, and is equipped with an ergonomic handle. The slick, modern design fits perfectly into any interior design, and the small profile makes sure it does not take up much counter space. It only uses Nespresso coffee capsules, which come in a wide variety of different flavors and strengths. It also has two cup size settings, and automatically shuts off after 9 minutes. Other features include a 25 second preheating time, 19 Bar high-pressure pump, and a removable 24-ounce water tank. This is a stylish, affordable, and efficient way to get the perfect cup off coffee with ease, every morning."  from eBay. 

2. Crock-pot Slow Cooker 7 Quart Polished

Shop 39% OFF, $39.99 + free shipping!

You just have to believe me when I say this is the BEST slow cooker! It works wonders for when you can't stand at the stove and cook for hours on end and you need to do work elsewhere without worrying the house will burn down. You can even prepare the food then set a timer for when you want it to start cooking.  It is even dishwasher-safe and you can see through the lid without being attacked by steam. "Set automatic cook times on busy days with this Crock-Pot 7-quart slow cooker. The ergonomic chrome-plated rubber handles offer a good grip for hassle-free serving, while the removable insert and glass lid are dishwasher safe for easier maintenance. This Crock-Pot 7-quart slow cooker automatically shifts to a warm setting once cooking is complete to keep food at an optimum serving temperature." from eBay. For only $39.99 this is such a GREAT deal.

3. Vitamix 5300 Blender in Black

This Vitamix is perfect if you need something easy to use and easy to clean. It is great for nut butter's, smoothies, soups, sauces, batters, and so much more! The famous five-star rating isn't a joke: it can literally make ANYTHING and make's eating healthier so much easier. If you want to invest in something that will definitely last you a lifetime, the Vitamix is your guy! 

4. Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Let me just start off by saying that I use this all the time. It is worth EVERY PENNY! Your lattes and hot chocolate will be better than any Starbucks drink because it makes them SO CREAMY and FROTHY! It is SUPER easy to use and makes smooth milk and the cleanup requires minimal effort as well! Here's what eBay says it is great to use for:

  • Latte frothing disc for smooth and silky milk. 
  • Cappucino frothing disk for thick and creamy froth
  • Hot chocolate maker, by simply adding drinking chocolate powder, flakes or syrup to the warming milk
  • On-board disc storage
  • Product uses induction heating, you can simply place the jug in the dishwasher for easy cleaning

5. Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker (Denim Blue)

Shop the Keurig 48% OFF!!!

This is another item that is selling out FAST! We've had our Keurig for years and love it because it's super convenient and you have so many K-cup options to choose from! 

6. 8 Pcs Stone-Derived Nonstick Cookware Set Ceramic Coating Pans and Pots Set

ONLY $45.99!

Not only would this make a great addition to your kitchen but it would make a great gift for the holidays as well! "Our nonstick ceramic cookware set is made of healthy stone-derived, which has various trace elements that can dissolve minerals in water, decompose weak alkaline minerals when heated. The stone pan and pot set’s nonstick surface means you can cook healthier using less fat, with effortless cleanup. Heavy-gauge sloped bottom heats evenly and makes stirring easier. Designed with a durable surface, but also has a ultralight weight for you to use the pan set more easy. Our stone-derived nonstick pans and pots are the perfect choice for the health of your family." 

7. Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven in Silver

Shop the toaster oven 59% OFF!!!

This is by far the BEST deal in this post! You can save 59% on this must-have essential for your kitchen--it's BOTH an air-fryer and an oven! Parker and I are totally getting this because if I can save counter space with 2-in-1 machine, I'm in! 

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post! 

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