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Thank you to Waterless for sponsoring this post! 

Hi, you guys! How’re you doing?! Though a lot of things in life have changed during this period, one thing has not: how often I wash my hair! Generally, I go a week or more without washing my hair (it’s such a process!), thanks to the amazing Waterl<ss trio I have been using: No Residue dry shampoo, Weightless Smooth dry conditioner, and Fragrance Mist! 

Before I get into these products, let me tell you a little about this awesome brand, that I’ve fallen in love with! Waterl<ss began with a group of scientists who wanted to create a product that would improve the non-wash day experience for people with different hair types. Just around the time they finished creating their products and were ready to test (beginning of 2018), Cape Town, South Africa  announced that it was three months away from running out water (remember the Day Zero water crisis?).Waterl<ss came about at the most perfect time—the brand provided a solution for residents who were restricting their water consumption and pushing back their hair washing. 

Waterl<ss is an uber-inclusive haircare brand and has divided its products into four different categories: Clean, Condition, Style, and Fragrance, which are designed with all hair types in mind. The Clean and Condition collections are divided into products for fine/oily, thick and curly hair, while the Style and Fragrance collections are good for any hair type. Clean includes a dry shampoo and dry shampoo foam; Condition has a weightless dry conditioner, a hydrating dry conditioner, and a hair balm; Style includes a curling cream and heat protectant. Fragrance has two different scent options to choose from: Rose and Peach (the one I use) or Apple and Berry.

Even though I haven’t been able to go anywhere other than the occasional walk or grocery store recently, Waterl<ss has transported me to the most tropical places each and every day—the scents, though all unique, ALL smell AMAZING! Grab yours online at Walmart to try out these amazing products. Whether you don’t like washing your hair like me or want to conserve water, Waterl<ss has the products you need for your specific hair type!  Let me know how much you love them, once you’ve tried them!

Catch ya later! Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 

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