What’s In My Shower?

HAPPY, HAPPY FRIDAY, M'DEARS! Today, I am sharing all the goodies I have in my shower! Some of these are newbies I purchased from the Sephora sale, and others are things I keep purchasing over and over and over again!

So, I've been LOVING the Sol de Janeiro products that I've been using since last summer! The scent is so delicious, and I just want any chance to envelope myself in it! So, I have bath bombs, shower gel (it creates such a creamy lather), body cream, and body spray (spray it on your body, hair or clothing to carry the scent with you all day, so that I can do just that). The thing with these products is not that they just smell absolutely delicious, but that they make my skin look and feel so silky smooth and soft! The cream firms and tightens the booty and hip area and also moisturizes my skin! I can't rave enough about the greatness that is Sol de Janeiro!


Now, to talk about the gloriousness that is Kopari! If you love coconut and using coconut oil, then this is the stuff for you! This deodorant is so amazing and lasts throughout the day (even works through my hardest/sweatiest workouts), plus you don't have any of the junk that is in normal deodorants--it is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. The Kopari deodorant contains coconut oil, sage oil, and is 100 percent plant-based active. It glides on clear, will outlast your longest days, and leaves you smelling like fresh coconut milk. I JUST LOOOOOVE how this smells, and that it's simultaneously healthy!

Next up is the amazing Kopari scrub, which is perfect to slough off any dry and dead skin! It will leave your skin feeling so velvety smooth, and for any self-tanner application. It's also perfect for taking off old self-tanner. This scrub is just good on every level, and don't just take my word for it, test it out for yourself! *Doing a post about my favorite self-tanning products next week!*


I changed my razor to the Venus Swirl Flexiball Blue and have started using the  Skintimate Dry Skin Women's Shave Gel in order to help with dry skin. I absolutely love the close shave this combo gives me, and it's been great to go back to a creamy/foamy shaving cream rather than soap (which I had been using for years). I haven't had a skin nick in months and I've been notorious for some major razor oopsies in the past. It works really well around the knees and ankles. I also love how the gel contains Lanolin and Vitamin E! So, if you've been looking to change your shaving routine, you have found your power couple team right here! 🙂


These three are my other golden girls! I use Teal's epsom salts and foaming bath gel whenever I want a relaxing bath or after an especially hard workout--it really helps to sooth and calm my muscles!

If you read my Skincare post from a few weeks ago, you know the Neutrogena exfoliant is one of my holy grail items. It deep cleanses, but it's gentle enough that it doesn't make the skin feel dry and tight. I love this stuff! 

My other fave is this Atelier Cologne shower gel! I love all Atelier Cologne products because they have such pure smells. You already know what my favorite perfume is! If you didn't, go here! It's the bomb dot com! 


This is the new purple shampoo I just ordered and I've been LOVING it! It tones my air better than any purple shampoo I've had, and it also keeps the ashy tone longer. The Moroccanoil hair mask is one I've used for years and I keep buying it and buying it! I love how soft and silky it makes my hair and the smell is TO DIE FOR! 

Anyway, these are my absolute faves that are currently in my shower! All of these are amazing products and you won't go wrong with any one of them! 

Catch ya in my post on Monday! Kisses, Besos, Pupici! 

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